IMC2 – GardX Future Forum

Amanda Massey


Richard Gonzalez


Upselling and add-ons: Best practice on achieving more sales and improving margins through value added

With vehicle margins being eroded more and more in today’s market place, do your sales teams really maximise every opportunity? Do your management teams ensure every customer receives good advice on how they can enhance their vehicle ownership? In this workshop, Amanda Massey and Richard Gonzalez from GardX International will be discussing how you can ensure that you are maximising profitability through a disciplined sales process, whilst also enhancing customer satisfaction. You will be shown how, by using specialist resources available from suppliers and analysing industry best practice, this can lift the sale of value added products and also enhance customers buying experience. Aimed at sales directors and managers, and anyone involved in the sales process or responsible for used or pre-owned programmes, delegates will get to understand current best practice and how this can be implemented the next day in your business.


Amanda Massey is head of sales for GardX International, she has 27 years’ experience working within the automotive industry. She started work as a service advisor in a Ford dealership when she was 19 and has held various management positions within large PLCs since. In 2006 she joined Mapfre Abraxas and held the position of head of partnership and distribution before joining GardX Protection in 2015 as head of sales.

Richard Gonzalez is deputy head of sales for GardX having joined the company in 2008. Richard has 29 years’ motor trade experience. He has worked for major dealer groups including a divisional finance and insurance and sales process role for Jardine where he honed his passion for finance and added value products.