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Nona Bowkis


Dealer obligations: A legal update on ADR, right to reject and much more

It has been over 18 months since the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA) and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Regulations 2015 (ADR) were implemented. On a daily basis, dealers are facing challenges under these regulations. Lawgistics has been supporting the industry on explaining these regulations and helping dealers who have fallen foul minimise their risk and win their cases. In this workshop, Lawgistics will be giving an overview of the regulations and using its knowledge and experience to give some top tips on how to ensure you comply and help keep you out of court. These regulations affect all of us and you need to understand how you may inadvertently be falling foul, so this is a must-attend event for any business, large or small.


Nona Bowkis is a solicitor who spent 10 years giving advice to consumers for the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) before joining the Lawgistics Legal Team in September 2014. As a ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ she is uniquely placed to advise Lawgistics’ clients through her experience of representing ‘the other side’ in negotiations, tribunals and the County Court. Previously, Nona spent 12 years in the Civil Service where she qualified as a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) trainer. She has continued to design and deliver training, most recently to CAB advisers on the topics of employment, debt, and landlord and tenant issues.