IMC2 – GardX Future Forum

Victor Coutin


Devin Daly

SpinCar USA

eCommerce and implementing traditional best practice into the automotive industry

It is no secret that the face of automotive retailing as we know it is changing. The importance of an online presence has never been so prominent. These factors pose certain questions for motor retailers: ‘What do I need to do to keep up with the industry?’; ‘How can I engage with my consumers?’; ‘Am I making use of the correct digital initiatives?’ The automotive sector typically lags behind traditional eCommerce websites – why should a customer spending £30k on a vehicle have a better online purchasing experience when buying a £200 pair of sunglasses? In this workshop Devin Daly and Victor Coutin will take you through some of the industry best practice and how the automotive sector can learn from traditional eCommerce websites and build upon the fundamentals which can translate into vehicle retailing. This is not something that a dealer should be afraid of, but something they should embrace to reap the rewards of creating an interactive online showroom. Devin will also be taking you through the latest developments in 360° technology and how this is expected to fundamentally change the face of online retailing. This is a must-attend workshop for both marketing and sales staff, specifically sales directors and managers, and those responsible for online marketing.


Devin Daly is the CEO of SpinCar USA, initially creating 360° content for eCommerce websites working with brands including Rolex, Louis Vuitton and Nike. Devin has been at the forefront of SpinCar’s shift into the global auto sector, achieving a dealer network of over 2,000 outlets and five major manufacturers in under three years.

Victor Coutin is the head of GardX Ad-Vantage. Born and bred into the motor industry, Victor joined Harwoods Jaguar in 2010 at the beginning of the online revolution. Having recognised the importance of digital content in his own motor business founded in 2013 it was only natural that he follow his father into the GardX business and help bring SpinCar to the UK market as a GardX product.