IMC2 – GardX Future Forum

Andy Soloman


Live chat: Turning online browsers into physical customers

Consumers now visit an average of 1.4 dealers during the purchase process, and this means that most of the decision-making is done by the time they walk onto the forecourt. In this session, Andy Soloman, founder of Yomdel, looks at how 24/7 live chat can be utilised to ensure you are engaging with customers even when your dealership is closed, making sure it’s your forecourt they chose to visit. Sales and marketing managers, and those responsible for digital and websites will find this an invaluable workshop which will help you understand how to harness changing customer behaviour to your advantage.


Andy Soloman, founder and CEO of Yomdel, is a former journalist and foreign correspondent who spent many years in Vietnam and was the bureau chief for Reuters news agency in Karachi, Pakistan, where he covered the impact of 9/11 and its aftermath. He is passionate about digital engagement and helping businesses bring human interaction online.