Live Stage

Day Two – Physical Forecourts

22 May 2018


Is the PCP bubble about to burst?

The rumour mill was spinning at the end of last year that the PCP bubble would be the next mis-selling scandal. We find out if this is something dealers still need to worry about or if this popular way of financing will grow. What opportunities are there in the market for new and used?

Profit clinic

How to make more money and cut your overheads

Carefully monitoring your bottom line can save you money but it won’t make you more. Our experts explain how more money can be made from the stock you already have.

Merging the channels

How to bring online customers in store

When your website has become your virtual shop front, how do you convert those online visitors into actual visitors to your showroom? We’ll have experts in advertising stock telling you how you can do most of the selling without talking to the customer. We’ll also feature people in the know when it comes to online tracking.


When is the right time to expand?

The size of your dealership has a lot of cost implications. More cars mean bigger overheads, more risk and more staff needed, but how can you know when it’s the right step for your business?

Dealership design

The future of dealership design

The way a dealership is fitted out and furnished is one of the most expensive outlays for it, but what difference does it really make? We talk to experts in this field about how the designs they’ve created improve customer experience and sales.


What does the future hold for the automotive industry?

With the industry turning on its head and great new products on the market, there are exciting new opportunities for those looking to take on a franchise. Our panellists will talk about when a franchise can work for your business and what’s on offer for dealers today.


What do employees want?

With many dealerships looking outside of the industry for staff with retail and customer service experience to sell their cars, where can you find the best employees and how can you keep them?

End of the salesman?

How can customer service sell more cars?

The role of the car dealer is changing. As showrooms move towards geniuses rather than sales people, does it really work? We find out from experts what the future is for the industry and whether there’s still any room for the traditional dealer.


Where can you get the best stock at the right price?

When it comes to running a car dealership, the one thing you can’t do without is good stock. We talk about sourcing stock, remarketing and how this can all make you more money.