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Julian Wheway

Cox Automotive

Maximising part exchange values: How to unlock the hidden profit potential

A new or used car sale typically involves the part-exchange of another vehicle. Managing the part-exchange process, from accurately appraising the vehicle to the disposal can present challenges, but if you can get this right it’s an opportunity to increase your profit. In this workshop, Julian Wheway, product director for Cox Automotive, will be explaining how you can maximise the opportunity presented through part exchanges. You will be guided through the latest online and offline routes you can exploit to maximise the opportunities presented and what is the best route for different types of vehicles. This workshop is a must-attend for business owners, anyone responsible for the disposal of part-exchanges or over aged vehicles, or sales staff who need a better understanding of the disposal process. Julian will be giving some invaluable tips and advice on how to make the process easier, quicker and ultimately more profitable for the dealer.


Julian Wheway joined Cox Automotive in October 2015 and now operates in a group-wide role, with responsibility for the overall Cox Automotive product strategy in the UK. Prior to joining Cox, Julian gained significant experience in proposition and product development with the Listers Group and as head of product and inovation at Monarch Airlines, before working in product and proposition development consulting.