IMC3 – GForces Tech Forum

Tim Smith


Why digital will inherit the Earth: A look at the future of online retail

More of the car-buying journey takes place online than ever before. What does that mean for the future of the vehicle retail industry? Are dealers ignoring click-to-buy, or is it something being embraced by manufacturers and retailers together? With a focus on the feasibility of delivering the entire customer journey online, Tim Smith from GForces will reveal what lies ahead in a sector that will be defined by tomorrow’s innovations. This workshop is aimed at business owners or those responsible for online strategy at both retail and manufacturer level, and will be discussing ideas on how to implement the strategies and technology to give you the chance to deliver the entire customer journey online.


Tim Smith is the group strategy director at GForces and has spent his entire career in the technology sector. His extensive knowledge of IT and its business applications has been drawn from over twenty years of experience.