Top tips to win with paid search

Presented by Spencer Scott, SVP of Advertising and Digital at CarGurus and Nathan Quayle, marketing manager at Fords of Winsford


Workshop Room 1

Rising overheads, increased competition, sourcing the right stock, Government policy and, of course, Brexit are all set to impact car dealers’ operations in 2019. However, dealers are turning to the digital world to counteract these business pressures and more than 40 per cent look to increase their digital tactics this year. With so many options, what is the best digital strategy to adopt?

In this workshop, Spencer Scott, SVP of Advertising and Digital at CarGurus will explain how your dealership can effectively and easily use measurable digital tactics to drive more buyers to your website and forecourt. Hear from Nathan Quayle, Marketing Manager at Fords of Winsford on some of the challenges he has faced trying to grow his dealership and how digital has helped along the way.

Key takeaways:

• Understand how to use paid search
• Learn how to effectively measure return
• Learn to this can help scale your business