How to Engage the Customer of Today

Presented by Gordon Grant, Global Sales Director at CitNOW, and Oliver Parsons, Head of Sales and Client Services UK at CitNOW


Workshop Room 2

The days of hunting for a car through the classifieds and scanning through blurry photos with snippets of info in local newspapers and car magazines are long gone.

But what does the average car buyer look like now, and what will they look in coming years?

The average car buyer can now research hundreds of models and compare dozens of quotes from rival dealers in a matter of minutes, and the tools at their disposal are growing more powerful by the minute.

Consumers are more curious and impatient than ever.

For a few years now, mobile, video and the digital marketplace have been the great disruptors in the automotive industry as car buyers demanded more information, a simpler car buying journey and greater transparency – and speed. Not to mention the rise of PCP, leasing and the decline of the rental sector.

Now, the biggest question for the industry is whether these trends will continue to grow among consumers, and afterwards, what will the car buyer pioneer as the next great disruptor(s) of the industry?