How you can use Facebook to boost car sales

Presented by Aiden White, client solutions manager at Facebook


Workshop Room 1

Two thirds of consumers would prefer to message a friend or business than pick up the phone or send an email, according to Facebook.

Over the past 18 months, Facebook has developed best practice that enables manufacturers and dealers to come together and provide a seamless customer experience through social media that also drives increased conversion rates.

By building brand favourability, model awareness and product consideration on Facebook and Instagram – and thanks to Facebook’s ability to track when consumers are showing signals that they are ready to buy – the social media giant can ensure that a dealer’s local marketing activity targets the right consumer at the right time.

This is what Aiden White, Autos client solutions manager at Facebook UK, will be delving into during his workshop at CDX 2019.

During this session, held at Car Dealer Magazine’s conference and expo at Farnborough International, both franchised and independent dealers can learn how to harness these insights at their business.

Facebook can do far more than just share posts and give customers a way to get in contact, which White will explain in this session. Delegates will discover how Facebook can connect dealer marketing with manufacturer efforts seamlessly to target the right customer at the right time with the right message.

His workshop will also show how manufacturers are building Facebook Messenger bots to help qualify customers, and connect them to a retailer, and how Facebook can then seamlessly transfer the customer to the retailer to continue the conversation in real time.

This workshop will show examples of best practice, and how you can develop your marketing to capitalise on the new way consumers are preferring to interact with businesses. If your contact rate of consumers has been on the decline over recent years, then this workshop will show you how to reverse this trend.

As a Facebook client solutions manager, White works with the UK’s leading OEMs and their agencies to deliver campaigns across the Facebook ecosystem as well as drive closer collaboration with their retailer networks. He grew up with a passion for cars, and spent four years working for Renault UK before joining the Facebook Autos team in 2016.