2019 Live Stage Sessions

The Live Stage is where leading figures in UK Automotive plc give delegates the benefit of their experience and insight in fascinating discussion sessions and keynote speeches.

  • Live Stage

  • Join CarGurus and Google at CDX as they discuss digital trends in the automotive sector and show dealers how they can attract more car shoppers to their own websites using search marketing.

  • The days of hunting for a car through the classifieds and scanning through blurry photos with snippets of info in local newspapers and car magazines are long gone. But what does the average car buyer look like now, and what will they look in coming years?

  • With new car sales facing some of the hardest times in recent history, we speak with chief executives of Marshall Motor Group, Daksh Gupta, JCT600’s John Tordoff and Wayland Automotive’s John O’Hanlon about the state of the market and their advice for the future.

  • Consumers’ expectations are being set by their experiences in any retail environment, and the bar is already set high; once we experience a seamless, quick, reliable buying process with one retailer, we expect the same experience everywhere we go, and quickly grow frustrated if our expectations are not met. So, how will the motor industry bridge the digital and physical environment and offer consumers the same capabilities and service quality when shopping for cars that they are already accustomed to in other aspects of their digital lives?

  • We speak with the manufacturer bosses Karl Howkins of Citroen, Rob Lindley of Mitsubishi, Stephen Norman of Vauxhall and William Brown of Isuzu about their predictions for the future of car dealing.

Timings and full lineup to be confirmed