The truth behind changes to the law post-Brexit and what it means for your business

Presented by Nona Bowkis, legal advisor at Lawgistics


Workshop Room 4

At CDX18, Lawgistics were keeping dealers ahead of the GDPR game and steering them on the right path and away from the incorrect and widespread advice around consent and marketing lists.

Although at the time of writing, we’re still unsure if the UK will leave the European Union in less than two weeks, this year at CDX the legal firm for the motor trade will be dealing with the false statements and scaremongering around Brexit.

Given that lawyers were recently publicly criticised for their “considerable misunderstanding” of GDPR, this will be a must-do workshop to again sort the wheat from the chaff in the law that matters to you.

As changes to the law post-Brexit are a major concern for businesses in the UK, Lawgistics legal advisor Nona Bowkis will explain the changes – or lack of – that you need to be aware of.