2020 Workshops

Further workshop details to be announced soon!

The Future Of Retail

The retail landscape is changing. Are buyers really ready to buy their next new car online – and will that be different for new and used cars? Our experts in this workshop will explain what the market looks like now and how that could all change in the next few years.

The Future Of Mobility

Fewer young drivers want to own a car than ever before, with many people predicted to opt for leasing schemes and car clubs. How will the dealership of the future fit into that model – and will there still be a business to be had?

The Electric Revolution

More and more electric cars are hitting showrooms every month. But what’s the best way to sell electric cars and what are the pitfalls? Our experts will explain how dealers of all sizes can get ready.

Finance – The Changes Coming Soon

Dealers have great success selling finance, but will that be the case in the coming years? What are the next big things in finance and are there changes to regulations coming soon that dealers need to know about?

Are Aftersales The Key To Future Profits?

Some dealers still think that once a car is sold and out of the door, their job is done. However, good dealers realise that’s where the chance for future profits really begins. Our experts explain the tricks to making a success of aftersales.

A Post-Brexit Future

The UK is leaving the EU tomorrow, but what will 2020 hold for the whole process? How will things pan out for the automotive industry in general and car dealers specifically? Our experts will explain what’s happening, the potential pitfalls and – importantly – the opportunities that may arise.

Social Media Masterclass

Great social media can catapult a dealership from being completely unknown to being an online celebrity. But is the effort really worth it and can it lead to more sales? Our experts explain which platforms you should be investing time and effort in.

Stocking Your Dealership For Future Growth

With diesel demonised and hybrids and electric cars rapidly gaining popularity, the demands on a dealership’s stock have never been greater. So how should a dealership search for the right stock for their site in 2020? Our experts in this masterclass will guide you through an ever-changing world.

Preparing Your Website For 2025

In five years’ time, will all car sales take place online? What exactly will customers want from your website? And where should you be investing most of your time, effort and money? Our experts will explain how the online landscape is changing and where you should be investing.

Getting Ready For E-commerce

The online car sales revolution is coming. Used car dealer Cazoo has launched a specific online-only sales site, while more and more dealers are investing in web-based sales solutions. Our experts explain how you can get e-commerce on your site and prepare for the future of online car sales.

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Back

In these tough times, looking at every cost line and justifying whether it is really needed is vitally important. But where do you start? Are there areas in most car dealerships that get traditionally fat? Can you get smarter with advertising? Our experts will pass on their top tips to help you set up your cost base for future growth.

The Sales Executive Of The Future

Sales roles are changing, and changing fast. With more and more customers researching their purchases online first, most buyers simply want help with an order when they get to the showroom. How do dealers prepare for this? Our recruitment experts will reveal all.